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Frequently Asked Questions

How does
it work?

Our fingerprinting procedure is conducted manually, using an ink pad, either on our provided forms or on your custom form, if you prefer.

Our team will be actively involved in assisting you and guiding your hand movements to obtain your fingerprints. If you have any cultural preferences or specific requirements related to this process, please let us know in advance.

Upon the completion of your appointment, you will receive your completed fingerprint form in an unsealed envelope.

What do I
need to

You must bring current and valid original photo identification. We strongly recommend you bring your passport. Please note that photocopies of these documents cannot be accepted.

We offer two types of fingerprinting forms: generic ones, endorsed by the New Zealand Police and suitable for most countries, and FBI forms (FD-258), designed for requesting background checks from the United States.


It is your responsibility to be aware of the specific fingerprinting form you need for your purposes.

How much does it cost?

The cost for our fingerprinting service is $55 for the initial set of fingerprints and an additional $30 for each extra set obtained during the same appointment for the same individual.   

How long
does it take?

Typically, a fingerprinting appointment lasts 15 minutes on average.


However, in certain situations, it might require a few attempts, so it's advisable to allow extra time when making your appointment.

How can I book for a couple, or a group?

Our online booking system is designed for individual bookings, allowing only one person per reservation. If you're unable to find a suitable day with consecutive slots, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly, and we'll be happy to assist you in making alternative arrangements.

I do to prepare?

Your hands can bear the brunt of a busy lifestyle or job and this can affect the quality of your fingerprints. Dry, worn down or rough skin, sweaty hands and other skin conditions can make it difficult for us to get a good quality set of prints.

  • If your hands are dry or rough, use a good quality moisturiser for at least a few days prior to having your prints taken and minimise your contact with detergents and other chemicals like harsh soaps and cleaning products.

  • Stay well hydrated prior to coming in to have your prints taken as this helps to plump out the skin.

  • Before you come in, thoroughly clean your hands by washing them using a mild detergent and patting them dry or air drying them. If you have dry or rough hands apply a moisturiser. If you have sweaty hands use an alcohol based hand sanitiser.

  • For eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions you’ll probably have recommendations from your health care professional. Use your prescribed treatment as directed.

Where are
you located?

New Zealand Fingerprinting Services has offices spread throughout New Zealand:

Far North

Kamo Postshop

519 Kamo Road, Kamo, Whangarei


Sunnynook Paper Plus

2/106 Sunnynook Road, North Shore, Auckland

Dominion Road Central Postshop

371 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland


Frankton Pharmacy

163 Commerce Street, Frankton, Hamilton



Papamoa Paperplus

24/7 Gravatt Road, Papamoa Beach, Papamoa



Havelock North Postshop

10 Napier Road, Havelock North, Hastings


Palmerston North

Terrace End Post Centre

232 Ruahine Street, Palmerston North



Tawa Books & Post

181 Main Road, Tawa, Wellington



Avonhead Postshop

210 Withells Road, Avonhead, Christchurch



Green Island Postshop

216 Main South Road, Green Island, Dunedin



South Invercargill Post

254 Elles Road, Invercargill



Other stuff

  • Fingerprinting involves coming in close contact with your fingerprinter. If you're feeling unwell, we kindly request that you get in touch with us to arrange a rescheduling of your appointment.

  • We gather your information solely for the purpose of scheduling your booking. We'll only use the information you give us for this purpose. We will not collect or store your personal information for any other purposes.

Do you have
a guarantee?

We have been providing fingerprinting services since the New Zealand Police discontinued this service and it was delegated to our offices. We received police training during the transition, and our fingerprinters have gained extensive experience in the 5+ years since then.

We would conservatively estimate that less than 1% of our customers have had their fingerprints rejected due to poor quality fingerprinting. In most of these instances, the customer's fingerprints had shallow ridges or too many creases, making fingerprint capture very difficult.

If your fingerprints are rejected due to poor quality fingerprinting, we will replace your prints free of charge at any NZ Fingerprinting Service location, provided you can:

  • show a valid receipt.

  • show us evidence of rejection you received from the authority that you obtained the fingerprints for. The evidence must clearly state the reason for rejection as due to poor quality fingerprints. You can supply this evidence to a NZ Fingerprinting Service location, or it can be emailed to

This offer applies to fingerprints printed onto the NZ Fingerprinting Service template that's based on the New Zealand Police form and fingerprints printed onto the United States FBI FD-258 form.

You’ll not be eligible for free replacement fingerprints if the form you selected when you had your prints taken wasn't acceptable to the authority you needed the fingerprints for, or if you altered the printed form in any way.

We are also not responsible for fingerprints being lost or delayed in the mail. If sent via NZ Post, you can apply for compensation directly from them.

Please note that your application can be rejected for reasons other than non-compliant fingerprinting. We take no responsibility for these rejections.

Free Replacement - FAQ

Country-specific information


We can provide fingerprinting services for the purpose of police clearance from virtually any country. However, we offer specific clarifications for certain countries below. 

Please note that police clearance processes vary by country and may change. We recommend that customers check with the relevant embassy or authority for the correct procedure. Any advice we offer here should be verified with the local authority for accuracy.

For additional guidance, Immigration NZ provides a helpful page here. Finally, don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.




Criminal Record/Background checks ✔️

We regularly fingerprint customers seeking Australian Police Clearance (AFP checks). Our fingerprint form in store is ideal for this purpose. Please bring your valid passport or driver licence as identification.

Australian Visas (Biometrics Collection)

Looking to apply for an Australian visa, and have been asked to “submit biometrics”? NZ Fingerprinting Service can't help with this request. To lodge a visa application for Australia in New Zealand, you'll need to attend an Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in person to submit biometrics (unless you're excluded or exempted from the programme). For further information please visit


For Bahrain police certificates, you may be asked to provide palm prints in addition to regular fingerprinting. It's important to be aware that we do not officially offer palm printing, and any palm printing we do is not covered under our free replacement guarantee.


Criminal Record/Background checks ✔️

Criminal Record checks in Canada are administered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Canada will only accept ink fingerprints - your ink fingerprints have to be sent to an accredited fingerprint digitising company of your choosing in Canada. See the relevant RCMP page for a list of accredited companies.


We recommend customers contact their chosen accredited company prior to their fingerprint appointment, as some companies require us to verify multiple forms of ID, or place fingerprints on additional documents. It is your responsibility to check with your chosen accredited company and confirm which fingerprinting form(s) are acceptable. Please bring this form with you to your appointment as we don't hold these in stock.

Canadian Visas (Biometrics Collection)

NZ Fingerprinting Service can't complete fingerprinting for Canadian visa applications. Fingerprinting services for visas cannot be provided at police stations nor our locations, nor can it be done at the High Commission in Wellington or the Consulate and Trade Office in Auckland. VFS Global is the only agency in New Zealand that's able to perform fingerprinting for Canadian Visa applications. Please check the Canadian Immigration website before proceeding with your application.


Egyptian police clearance requires a specific fingerprint form, which should be requested prior to scheduling an appointment. You can obtain these fingerprint forms through the embassy in Wellington. Please ensure you have the necessary form ready before making your appointment.

Hong Kong

When applying for Hong Kong police clearance, applicants are required to provide proof that we are authorised by NZ Police. You can download proof of this authorization here. It's important to include a printed copy of this authorisation along with your other documents when you submit them to the Hong Kong Police.

We have a fingerprint form available in store which works well for Hong Kong police clearance. When you come for your appointment, please remember to bring your valid passport as identification – a driver licence will not be sufficient.


Normally at the conclusion of your appointment, we give you the fingerprints in an unsealed envelope to take away with you. However, Iranian authorities require us to seal the envelope. We then apply our stamp and sign across the seal. Please remind us of this requirement during your appointment.


You need to obtain a fingerprint form in advance from the Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch office. Contact details are available here.

South Africa

Police Clearances ✔️

New Zealand Fingerprinting Service can provide fingerprinting services for South African Police Clearances. A valid passport is required in order to fingerprint individuals for this purpose.

South African Passport (or other ‘enabling documents’)

If you need fingerprints for other South African documents such as a passport or ID card renewal, you’ll need to visit the South African High Commission. Please contact the South African High Commission in Wellington if you need more information or clarification. 


We have preprinted FD-258 forms in store that are suitable for a US background check (aka FBI Identity History Summary Request).  We fingerprint you with ink on 120 GSM thick paper, which is suitable for a US background check purposes. If you require your fingerprints to be taken on a different form, you will need to bring it along to your appointment.

We do not offer a Live Scan fingerprint service. There is no Live Scan fingerprinting service operating in New Zealand.


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